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"Rugles has provided me with wonderful insight about my website. I have worked with various companies in the past but were unique in the way they viewed my search engine positioning integrated with the rest of my website and my website marketing attempts. I owe a large part of my success to them."

"The website marketing and search engine positioning optimization services that Harry has provided me with have shown a remarkable understanding of my needs and unprecedented commitment."

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Experienced in website marketing and promotions in a variety of segments such as:

  • Loans and mortgages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism
  • Software
  • Retail gift shops
  • News and content web sites
  • Fitness and diet
  • Employment
  • and many more...

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Search Engine Positioning Optimisation

Optimizing the positioning of your web site in the search engine results pages is the safest, smoothest way of getting a constant flow of visitors/customers to your website.
search engine positioning services

search engine positioning separator Search Engine Positioning Optimization services are specially tailor made to suit the needs of ANY web site owner that wishes to increase his/her search engine visibility and drive targeted visitors to her/his site.


In close collaboration with you we can organize a full search engines strategy that aims to optimize the positioning of your web pages for a variety of keywords and for all the major search engines and directories.

Our SEO services include:

page content optimization Page content optimization. Your web page content will be properly optimized for your specific keywords based on the knowledge and experience of our copywriting team.
link popularity building Link Popularity. We can help you with your link popularity strategy and manage every step into making sure you have many quality backward links that will drive not just search engines crawlers but also real traffic to your website.
search engine submissions Submissions. As part of the overall service we will organize your submission policy to search engines and directories. We do not claim to submit to millions of search engines since this is the most pointless claim made by some of our competitors. We only submit to the necessary directories and search engines.


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  We do not believe to half measures and our suggestion is that your search engine positioning attempts should always be done as part of an overall marketing plan that will integrate your search engine optimization attempts with your copywriting, web site marketing and web site optimization attempts. Our services are always uniquely adapted to your line of business, your needs, and of course your budget.
  Keep in mind that our Search Engine Positioning Optimization services are based on pure content and link popularity enhancing techniques. We do not (and will not) use spamming cloaking or other 'dubious' techniques and we will not under ANY circumstances jeopardize your current search engine position but we will help you achieve and maintain the highest possible -under your setup - results for the keywords and search engines that interest you.




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